“Payne” chronicles the life and career of the late Payne Stewart, and remembers the dedicated family man, entertainer, jokester and golf fashion icon.

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This is 40

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is more than the popular face of NASCAR as he chases his first Sprint Cup Trophy. He’s also his father’s son.

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This is SportsWorld

What is SportsWorld? It’s a deeper dive into the games we love and the people who play them, with a nod to our past.


‘That’s Football’

From New Jersey to Egypt to, now, Norway, Bob Bradley is still enjoying his rare soccer-coaching odyssey.

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Better off Ned

Ned Yost may confound, perplex and even frustrate onlookers. But the Royals are winning under his leadership, and that’s what counts.

On the Cultural Relevance of YouTube

The social platform dominates cat videos and pratfalls, but sports has it pretty good. In fact, it may have the best situation of all.