NASCAR Seasons: 2001

This documentary chronicles the 2001 NASCAR season and the year that will never be forgotten

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Cleveland Against the World

As the Cavs raised their first championship banner across the street, Corey Kluber, Terry Francona and the Indians took matters into their own hands.

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The Cubs and Indians will finally end one of those infamous World Series curses. You know, if curses were actually a thing.

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Tito’s secret

Don’t let Terry Francona’s sunny disposition fool you. When the playoffs come around, he manages with an edge that borders on ruthlessness.

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Lost at C

Jason Heyward’s struggles with the Cubs this season were, and are, painful to watch, and there might be no fixing him anytime soon.

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Now or never

There are plenty of reasons not to start Corey Kluber on short rest in Game 4, but they have no other choice.