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Life’s a beach

All these years later, beach volleyball is still one of the best Olympic sports to watch.

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It’s a party

The Opening Ceremony in Rio wasn’t exactly a blowout, but it was a Brazilian party, through and through.

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One last swim

Michael Phelps entered the Rio Olympics knowing it was his final one. Will it be any different?

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Love of the game?

Alex Rodriguez, who ends his uniquely iconic career Friday, wanted one thing from the game, and it may be the one thing missing from his legacy.

Full Circle

Editor’s Note: This story originally ran on ProBasketballTalk. LAS VEGAS — Kyrie Irving heads to Rio Olympics this week hoping it is the culmination of a conversation that started in Irving’s parents New Jersey home…

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Blessing, not a curse

With endless joy, Kathleen Baker overcame Chron’s Disease and swam her way to the Rio Olympics.