Boy from Brazil

Luan Oliveira grew up in the rough city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, with only two choices; get out of the ghetto, or stay there forever.

Abandoned by his parents as a baby, Oliveira’s grandmother was the most important person in his life taking the place of his parents. After she passed away, he was left wandering Brazil with no interest to do anything besides skate.

Oliveira started skating at the age of 10. After two years of falling in love with skating Oliveira began to compete in every local contest he could enter. By the time he was 17 years old he was on his way to the United States after winning a contest that awarded him and a friend airfare to Los Angeles. His life was forever changed.

“Skateboarding saved my life, that’s for sure,” says Oliveira.”Where I was born, it’s just a ghetto.”

Retrace the intimate steps of Oliveira’s past starting from the death and abandonment from his family, to the time spent skating around his sketchy hometown and how he eventually earned his a ticket to a new life.

— Skyler Wilder

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