Crashing the boys club

From being called a lesbian by her friends to getting kicked out of spots by men with machetes, growing up as a female skater in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was anything but ordinary for Leticia Bufoni.

Bufoni first found interest in skating around the age of 9 and started out by borrowing boards from her friends. For Bufoni, finding support for her newfound passion wouldn’t come without some convincing.

“Skateboarding was for guys, not girls, so my dad was not supporting me,” says Bufoni recalling the initial struggle for support. “My friend’s dad came to my house and talked to my dad for, like, three hours so my dad finally agreed to take me to a contest.”

Bufoni won that contest and, in return, opened her father’s mind to a potential future.

Bufoni was later invited to compete at X Games at only 14 years of age, and despite placing last in the event she was hooked on living in Los Angeles and did not want to return to Brazil. The rest is history.

Now as she embarks on the creation of her first video part, Bufoni is determined to prove to the world that she is a true street skater and intends to make a part that will be watched time and time again.

— Skyler Wilder

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