Dew Tour PUSH — Cody Cepeda, Ep. 1

Hailing from a town with a population of only 2,447, Cody Cepeda faced stacked odds against him breaking out as a skateboarder.

Getting noticed is hard enough when you live in the heart of Southern California, where the skateboarding industry thrives, but to make a name for yourself while growing up in a town as small as Croswell, Minn., is a feat most would claim as impossible. Still, Cepeda made it happen.

While juggling high school and a job at the town’s sugar factory, Cepeda received the opportunity of a lifetime when he was entered to play S.K.A.T.E. (skateboarding’s equivalent to basketball’s game of H.O.R.S.E.) at The Berrics. He would have to work his way through a 16-bracket tournament if he wanted a shot at the grand prize of $25,000, but more important than the money was the exposure he would gain by competing against top professionals.

Fortunately for Cepeda, he had spent his childhood mastering the art of flatground skateboarding and, sure enough, he would need every ounce of ability when it all came down to the wire.

In this episode of Dew Tour PUSH, venture to Cepeda’s hometown to meet his family, friends (The Crew) and learn just how he turned his small town dreams into a big city reality.

— Skyler Wilder

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