Dew Tour PUSH — Ben Raybourn, Ep. 1

Ben Raybourn has consistently broken every boundary that ever applied, right from the start.

“I didn’t really know what to think of him at first because he was just so good at skateboarding, and he was kind of weird, too,” says, childhood friend, Jake de Los Santos.

He dressed like a punk, as if all of his clothes were bought at Hot Topic, and to top it off, his trick selection was something out of an early ’80s skate flick that hardly resonated with the rest of the kids his age when he was growing up.

The skatepark that Raybourn grew up with may not look like much to most, littered with pebbles and only containing a few junky ramps, but for him, this park opened the door to a realm of skating he thirsted for — transition skating. It was his heaven.

These are the nuances that make Raybourn unique. If it wasn’t for these subtle, or not so subtle, differences there is a good chance that Raybourn’s abilities may have been missed entirely.

Travel to Rosenburg, Texas, a town most recognized for hosting the local county fair each year, and see how its simple setting placed Raybourn on a path to skateboarding success.

— Skyler Wilder

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