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Lindsey Vonn: The Climb

Year: 2015
Runtime: 46:30
Originally aired on: NBC

“Lindsey Vonn: The Climb,” is a one-hour special chronicling the 2010 Olympic downhill champion’s comeback from two major knee surgeries. The documentary also follows Vonn’s physical and emotional struggles over a two-year journey back to the top of her sport, including watching the Sochi Olympics with her family at home.

“This is the most inside look I’ve ever given to my world,” Vonn said, “and I hope it inspires others who are going through challenges to keep getting back up when they are down.”

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    Transfer primer

    Year: 2015
    Runtime: 22:52
    Originally aired on: NBCSN

    It’s only open in the summer and the winter, and it can be one of the most confusing, but also one of the most exciting, periods in professional soccer. It’s the European transfer window.

    So how does a transfer work, exactly? What’s a loan? What are some of the best and worst transfers ever made? And why is it so vital to the success of all 20 Premier League clubs? Robbie Earle, Rebecca Lowe, Kyle Martino and Robbie Mustoe tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the transfer window in this episode of “PL Download.”

    The Southampton Way

    Year: 2015
    Runtime: 41:23
    Originally aired on: NBCSN

    Known as a “selling club” that operates on a relatively modest budget, Southampton FC isn’t a side that should be competing with the heavyweights in England. Yet thanks to an extremely well run youth academy, a passionate fan base and a smart vision that pervades all levels of the club, the Saints continue to thrive despite their underdog status.

    In this edition of “PL Download,” Roger Bennett of “Men in Blazers” fame visits the well-run south England club and spends time with coaches, players and executives to find out more about the Southampton Way. Bennett also wrote about the experience for NBC SportsWorld. Here’s what he had to say about the trip to Southampton:

    I had never visited Southampton before making “The Southampton Way.” I had always mentally pictured the city as a quaint Southern port. Upon my arrival, one of the club’s ground staff quickly set me straight. “The Germans bombed the crap out of us during the war,” he snorted, “we’ve never really recovered.”

    Despite that, it is impossible not to be charmed by the town. Southampton FC have been one of English football’s most romantic narratives in 2014. A small terrier of a club who have convinced themselves of their ability to run with the big dogs.

    That conviction is not ill-placed, nor is it built on alchemy. An investment in long-term youth development, a meticulous training strategy built by coaching guru Les Reed, and a scouting system that Billy Beane would be proud of, combine with a value-driven culture fostered by former-NHL-coach-turned-club-chairman Ralph Krueger to create an environment that is rare for a Premier League team: one where optimism and strategy have been fused, and every department is encouraged to innovate in search of tiny competitive edges that can close the gap between Southampton and the petrodollar-fueled super clubs above.

    Whether that gap can be closed remains to be seen. Romantic narratives are hard to sustain in the the modern football’s cruel, economic propelled reality — just look at Dortmund this season.

    Yet no one at the club would bite on my question of whether they regret not having Gareth Bale, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott to run at the opposition, with Adam Lallana threading passes to Rickie Lambert, and Luke Shaw and Calum Chambers locking down the back. There is pride in their youth development conveyor belt but almost no hint of nostalgia nor regret.

    All the employees I encountered at the club were immersed in both pragmatism and strategy. How far that will that take them remains to be seen. But as I walked around their stadium with Krueger, and asked where he will seat the Real Madrid fans should the club qualify for Europe, he immediately pointed to their prospective ticketing area calmly, with no hint of irony.

    –Roger Bennett

    Growing up Hockey

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 22:50
    Originally aired on: CSN Washington

    The Winter Classic brings the game back to its outdoor roots, showing fans how the sport was originally played in the open air. As players introduce fans accustomed to the indoor game to its traditional form, they also explain how their passion for the game grew from days spent from dawn to dusk on frozen lakes and ponds in the United States, Canada and Europe.

    Watch the Capitals and Blackhawks as they face off in the 2015 Winter Classic on New Year’s Day. Coverage begins at 1 p.m. ET on NBC.

    Opening Day

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 45:04
    Originally aired on: NBCSN

    As the leaves begin to change, the crops are brought in from the fields and the October air becomes crisp, pheasant season begins in South Dakota. But the first day of hunting season is about more than sports. It reunites the community for a time of celebration.Pheasant season drives the economy, dominates the social calendar and forges enduring connections and memories.

    Tom Brokaw, one of the greatest storytellers of his generation, returns to his home state to take viewers through the hunting fields and introduce them to the people who congregate there the third Sunday of each October in a generational ritual that Brokaw himself has been attending for decades.



    The greatest rivalry?

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 22:29
    Originally aired on: NBCSN

    Stretching more than 120 years, with roots in the industrial expansion of both cities, the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is arguably the most storied in British soccer, and the clubs have taken turns dominating English football for the past four decades.

    Liverpool once was the dominant side, racking up 18 league titles. But under the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United soared past their nearby rivals, reaching 20 league titles, and now stand with the most storied clubs in world soccer. Liverpool still hold the edge in European Cups, five to three.

    This episode of Premier League Download takes an in-depth look at this ancient and impressive rivalry.

    Wilson’s mission

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 3:24
    Originally aired on: NBC

    For Russell Wilson, memories of his father’s struggle with terminal diabetes motivate him to play an active role in supporting Seattle-area children as they battle disease. Wilson spends his Tuesdays at the local children’s hospital, lifting spirits and providing them with a brief respite.

    What began as a simple hospital visit has become a personal mission for Wilson, as he raises awareness and promotes sponsorship of new treatments. And from the work, he’s taken as much enrichment as he put in.

    Vistas from behind bars

    Year: 2013
    Runtime: 11:21
    Originally aired on: Golf Channel

    Sentenced to prison for a murder he claims he did not commit, Valentino Dixon has spent the past 21 years in Attica State Prison in Upstate New York.  Eligible for parole in 2030, Dixon has never played a round of golf or even picked up a golf club. However, he passes the time in his cell drawing famous golf holes from around the world.

    Interviews include Dixon, his childhood art teacher Charlotte Ross and Lamar Scott, who also is serving a life sentence but claims he committed the crime Dixon was convicted for more than two decades ago.

    Notre Dame reborn

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 43:03
    Originally aired on: NBC

    The tradition of Notre Dame is unsurpassed in college football, and players who follow in the footsteps of the greats who preceded them accept the challenge of upholding, and furthering, that legacy. It is a unique challenge for these young people, to grow as people and football players, all while leaving their comfort zones.

    Being a player at Notre Dame is more than just being tough. As this documentary shows, the school, and coach Brian Kelly, emphasize intelligence, scholarship, grace and dignity. The moments these young people experience on and off the field leave them suited to thrive in any walk of life.

    Counterfeit irons

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 15:51
    Originally aired on: Golf Channel

    Identifying an evolving and growing trend in counterfeit golf equipment, the Emmy Award-nominated series “In Play with Jimmy Roberts” examines the thriving multimillion-dollar industry that plagues legitimate golf manufacturers, as well as unsuspecting golfers around the world.

    Roberts visits with several top club manufacturers to learn how the leading voices in the golf equipment space are working to combat the counterfeit movement. The two-part feature also includes an equipment test to compare the swing results of legitimate golf clubs versus suspected counterfeit clubs.