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The long road home

Greg Ives drove thousands of miles and almost 100 hours just to get his first NASCAR job. It’s just part of the job description.

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Back to the start

As Jeff Gordon quests for a fifth and final Sprint Cup title, his stepfather desperately searches for the car that started it all.

Pitt stop

Before Jeff Gordon made it to Indianapolis for his final Brickyard 400, his nearby adopted hometown of Pittsboro, Ind., rolled out the red carpet for him.

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Band of brothers

Tony Gibson, crew chief for Kurt Busch, has created more than a stable team; he’s created a racing family


Indy air

On the eve of the Indy 500, IndyCar has an issue with cars going airborne when spun around backwards.

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The Shell Game

This is the story of how oil and gas giant Shell became, and still remains, the sponsor for Roger Penske’s racing empire.