Why so serious?

He’s testy. He’s feisty. He’s downright annoyed. Novak Djokovic might be in a sour mood, but his U.S. Open is right on schedule.

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Spoiler conundrum

Serena Williams’ peers want to see her complete the Slam, except when they’re facing her.

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This one’s for dad

As Serena Williams seeks the Grand Slam, she is dedicating her US Open performance to her father

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Serenity now

Serena Williams is mellowing with age; still fiercely competitive but without the rough edges. And her game may be better than ever.

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A meditative, chocolate-free existence means Novak Djokovic is more than ready for a French Open title run in 2015.

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Her own path, her shared history

Serena Williams could be returning to Indian Wells for any number of reasons, but what matters most is she’s the one making the call.